Michael Schaus

I just want to make sure I understand what is going on here: We have pledge “non-lethal” aid to Ukraine, but we’re giving Syrian Islamists high-powered rocket launchers and fully automatic assault rifles? Are we at least running background checks on these gun transfers (or is that a burden we only place on legal American gun sales)? (The Hill)

Hawaii wants a race-based legal system. And our post racial President has suggested he will help give it to them. (Fox News)

Did we actually win in Afghanistan? Meh. Who cares, so long as Obama gets an applause line in future speeches? (CNS News)

The National Science Foundation spent roughly $5 million on fictional depictions of what the world would look like in 2070 (because of global warming)… A utopian future was described, in which courts forcibly take private property from the wealthy, no one owns a car, everyone is a vegetarian, and modern consumerism is dead… In other words: The liberal utopia looks an awful lot like Europe did in 200 BC. (Now that’s “progress”!) (Free Beacon)

Also…I’m beginning to think that English is not Al Sharpton’s first language.

Michael Schaus

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