Shawn Mitchell

If Obama really wants to get nasty with Putin, he'll sign him up for Obamacare.

So disgusted by a media that tried to persuade America Reagan's booming economy was hell on earth, while they cover Obama's disaster as the way things should be.

There will be an accounting. The old networks will crash. They deserve worse.

The glory of a vibrant, growing, free economy isn't that we'll all start companies and get rich --though the opportunity to try is more abundant. No, it's that in such an economy, there are more jobs, choices, and opportunities for everyone to live the life they want. Something the president doesn't understand is employees need prospering employers in order to attain their own prosperity.

Here's what concerns me. A man whose policies have proved so disastrous, whose direction is rejected by 60% of Americans, shows no sign of slowing down. Zero.

He intends to ram forward by pen and phone and executive order the direction he wants to go. And siccing his exec branch thugs on troublesome dissidents.

Hey, fastidious liberals, since Harry Reid on the Senate floor called successful businessmen who contribute to free market causes "unAmerican," when, exactly, does it become acceptable for us to state the obvious and call the president "unAmerican"?

Liberals and sponsored scientists try to explain 17 year halt in global warming:
"The ocean stole the heat!"
"Volcanoes are blocking the heat!
"The Koch Brothers have an Ice Death Ray Machine that's going to freeze the earth!"

Pretty tired of Libertarians and libertarian leaners who cite Reagan’s deficits and military buildup as reason to deny he was a champion for liberty.

Guess what, you anachronistic idealists: First: he had to contend with an existential foe in the Soviet Union, a war he won without firing a shot. Second: He’s the first president since Coolidge to argue against the ongoing permanent expansion of the federal government. He energized a generation of Americans who had never heard a president talk about limiting government. He was reviled by the media for his zeal to reduce federal control of our lives.

Any libertarian who says: “Reagan, overspending warmonger” is a naïve babe in the political woods. He was revolutionarily subversive and has had no worthy successor.

Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell was elected to Senate District 23 in the Colorado General Assembly in November of 2004. Shawn is an attorney at private practice in Denver and Adams County.