Shawn Mitchell

And those traditionalists and social conservatives went away sorrowing, because they did not want to buy the woman’s contraception and cover her co-pays. And they still did hope for Caesar to enforce the moral law and punish her sinful conduct.

“Yea,” they said, “Let us grab Caesar’s sword and swing it for our own agenda, that we may establish the kingdom here on earth.” And they grumbled that she also probably ingests mind-altering drugs. And they took counsel how they might ensnare her, to purify the people.

And the people watched these things and murmured: “All the leaders want to swing Caesar’s sword! Is there none to let us alone to make our choices and answer to our God?” And they scratched their heads and continued wondering.

And the great Leader taught again: “Come, ye compassionate. Inherit the utopia prepared for you: For when I hungry, thirsty, and a stranger, ye gave me food and drink and took me in.”

And the people answered: “Leader, when saw we thee hungry, thirsty, or alone and we gave thee help?”

And he answered: “Verily, if ye have petitioned Caesar to offer public services, if ye support candidates who proclaim ‘compassion,’ if ye vote for higher taxes and more social spending, ye have trusted Caesar to do those things even unto me.”

And they were glad, for they had thought the commandment to love and serve others was a personal duty. But Caesar occupied their sphere of duty, and sent forth tax collectors in all the land to reach deeply and perpetually into all the people’s purses, because they were commanded to be compassionate.

But some of the people began to mourn and look forward, seeking that truth and liberty that should make them free.

Yea, brave men and women still seek.

Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell was elected to Senate District 23 in the Colorado General Assembly in November of 2004. Shawn is an attorney at private practice in Denver and Adams County.