Scottie Hughes

My anger turns to pain as I hear the children, excitedly lining up for lunch, debating over whose dessert was better or what side dish they were going to be serving.  I realized there were 20 sets of parents who were never going to hear the chatter or any other debate again from their child and I immediately thought of my mother.

While you might think my mother would be a strong anti- gun proponent, she realized it was not the guns’ fault for the death of Cliff. It was a failed system and irresponsible parenting who were as much to blame as anything.

As I grew up, my mother insisted I learned to defend myself.  If Cliff’s death had taught her anything it was that.  Whether it be hand to hand self-defense, environmental defense or with a gun, I have been raised to respect the power of a weapon I received the highest accuracy rating and grade in my concealed hand gun permit class. I also pride myself on better aim then my former Army officer husband.

Since the events of December 14th, there have been countless numbers of articles and interviews over gun owner’s rights, particularly from those opposed to them.  I am beginning to think those on the left were waiting for a tragedy like this to happen just so they could reignite the argument over gun control.  Taking the advice of Rahm Emanuel, they were quick to “not let a serious crisis go to waste.” 

The hypocrisy of their claims are amazing considering this is the same administration who put guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords to use against law enforcement.  The propagandists also cavalierly dismiss the numerous examples of public shooting sprees halted because of a legal gun permit holder’s actions for fear it would encourage legal gun ownership.

Real gun control looks like a land where upstanding, responsible, law abiding citizens actually carry their guns with them in almost any location.  Crimes are reduced based on the fact that criminals don’t know if their target is packing a weapon or not.    Real gun control looks like a competitive health care system where insurance agencies don’t determine the mental health status of a person rather than a doctor, and our politically-correct society allows dangerous people to be identified, labeled and hospitalized before they commit a crime.

Just look across the pond at countries like the UK and Norway that recently passed gun ownership restrictions.  Within those countries, the number of mass shootings has escalated because no one had any way to stop the offender.

Over the next few weeks, the left will use the shooting in Connecticut and the victims as pawns in their mission to inject more Federal Government control into our daily lives.  These same opportunists will try and discredit and shame anyone who speaks out in defense of their 2nd Amendment right I am very scared of a Country whose states continue to vote in the legal use of Marijuana yet strongly restrict the ability to defend yourself.

My mother never prosecuted the boy who shot Cliff. In fact, the day she left to bury my brother on our small farm in Illinois was the last day she ever saw the nanny’s child.  

I now have my own 6 year old son.  I like to imagine he has the same personality and spirit which shined bright in my brother.   My son will go to school after the first of the New Year to a learning environment much different from what he left in 2012. His classroom has been transformed more into a jail cell not to keep him locked in, but rather to keep the world locked out.

My child might not remember these differences down the road. But I will. Most of us will.  We will weep at the loss of this innocence and wonder how did our Country change from being a Norman Rockwell portrait to a scene from inside a horror film?

Evil will use whatever tools its needs to commit its crime.  We must remember in the next few months as the victims of Connecticut are used as propaganda by those who want to see evil prevail, their first move will be to take away from the virtuous their ability to defend and protect their own. 

Scottie Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes is the news director and chief journalist for the Tea Party News Network as well as a contributor to Patriot.TV and

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