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Hooray for QE Infinity! (Soon to be updated and delivered by Janet Yellen.) The Media is thrilled by Barack Obama’s nominee for Fed Chief. . . But opponents of Bernanke’s money printing policies are not so sure.

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Show Prep:

What’s Right with Ransom:

Big Three:

Number Three:

Slight sell off in crude after inventories were found to be substantially higher than expected. . . Just imagine if we actually opened up the US’s potential. . . (CNBC)

Number Two:

As you probably know – Janet Yellen will be up for confirmation as the new Fed Chairman. . . And, fans of QE are pretty much thrilled about this. . . Scarlet Fu, with Bloomberg, reported on the typical response among easy money advocates: (Bloomberg)

Number One:

That has, pretty much, been the typical response on all the morning talk shows. CNBC touched base with Democrat Congressman Van Hollen (D-MD) about Yellen. (CNBC)


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