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Why do we keep trying the same old failed attempts at government-induced economic recovery? Has it ever worked? Ransom also discusses some of the economic news that looks good; until you recognize it is actually bad news being reported as good news. Got it? Good. (Or bad?)  

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Show Prep:

Right with Ransom

Big Three:

Number Three:

It’s been two years since S&P downgraded US debt. . . How far have we come since then? Well. . . Not far.

Number Two:

Good news, and bad news in the Housing market. . . It kinda makes you wonder what we would do without those insightful minds in the media.

Number One:

The ISM non-manufacturing numbers are out. . . It’s been a while since we heard some good news from our favorite economic optimist; Here’s Mike Mckee with the numbers.


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