Ralph Benko

This columnist’s admiration for Senator Rand Paul is driven, in part, by Sen. Paul’s consistent and honorable stand against the “warfare/welfare state.” Rising-star national talk radio host, and columnist, Steve Deace astutely observes in a recent Washington Times op-ed, “he’s the only candidate running that is attempting to introduce an entirely new paradigm into the process.” Sen. Paul presents as well attuned to the national mood.

Sen. Paul now is winning standing ovations at, of all places, Berkeley. He is massing interest from high dollar donors in Silicon Valley and elsewhere around America. He enjoys the loyalty of the impressive Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty. (CFL and YAL, for those who have not been paying attention, are the most interesting and potent web-based advocacy groups active since MoveOn.org began decaying into a boring reactionary force.)

And yet … Sen. Paul has not yet declared for the presidency. He has said he might not.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a Plan B. B as in Boris. Boris Johnson.

The bicycle-riding mayor of London.

Mayor Johnson was born, during his parents’ brief sojourn here, in New York City. This makes him a “naturally born citizen” and thus Constitutionally eligible. He once rhetorically renounced his American citizenship infuriated at some American bureaucratic passport snafu. Johnson, writing at Boris-Johnson.com:

Ralph Benko

Ralph Benko, author of The Websters’ Dictionary: How to use the Web to transform the world. He serves as an advisor to and editor of the Lehrman Institute's thegoldstandardnow.org and senior advisor to the American Principles Project.

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