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The expectations of investors for S&P 500 earnings continued to fall in the three months since our last snapshot of them.

Forecasts for S&P 500 Trailing Twelve Month Earnings per Share, 2010-2014, as of 14 November 2013

Since peaking ahead of Summer 2013 at $108.18, the collective amount of earnings per share now expected to be earned by S&P 500 companies through the end of 2013 has fallen to $97.82 per share.

This is the lowest level that investors have projected for trailing twelve month earnings per share for 2013 since S&P's forecast for 2013 was first projected in January 2012.

Data Source

Silverblatt, Howard. S&P Indices Market Attribute Series. S&P 500 Monthly Performance Data. S&P 500 Earnings and Estimate Report. [Excel Spreadsheet]. Last Updated 14 November 2013. Accessed 20 November 2013.

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