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Now that it's the day after Thanksgiving, when Americans are collectively digesting the turkeys that graced their family's dining tables, some are turning their attention toward planning the next year's feast. Perhaps, instead of dining on what might be called a farm-raised frankenbird, it might be better to hunt one a real one down in the wild, the way the original pilgrims did.

But that presents a problem, because while turkeys are found in many places throughout the country, they're notoriously difficult to hunt. It takes a lot of stealth to be successful at it, since turkeys in the wild are reported to be surprisingly intelligent.

Or perhaps not so much, if U.S. Patent 7,828,003 is any indication. The patent, which was issued to Tom Montecucco of Spokane, Washington on 9 November 2010, describes what we'll call the "ultimate turkey blind" as follows:

A combination decoy and hunting blind is provided in a portable and lightweight configuration to attract game animals while also concealing a hunter from the game animals. More particularly, a turkey decoy and hunting blind is provided by a portable structure....

... a hunter concealment device is provided having a canopy frame, a panel and an image of a game animal. The canopy frame has a shaft, a central hub, a plurality of ribs each pivotally coupled at a radial inner end to the hub, a sliding ring, and a radial array of stretchers each pivotally coupled at one end with the sliding ring and pivotally coupled at another end with a respective rib. The central hub is carried by the shaft. The sliding ring is mounted for movement along the shaft. Movement of the sliding ring along the shaft towards the central hub is operative to kinematically articulate the canopy frame between a folded orientation and an unfolded orientation. The panel has a front surface, a rear surface, and an outer periphery. The panel is supported by the canopy frame between stowed and deployed configurations. Then image of a game animal is provided on the front surface of the panel.

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