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We've been playing around with Google's Fusion Tables data visualization tools, which have been improved since our last experience in test driving them, and in doing so, we've created three interactive maps showing the price of gasoline around the United States.

But first check out...

It's back!.... "Good Morning, White House Staffer,"  a special feature we'll be running on the site until the average U.S. national retail price for gasoline falls back below $3.55 per gallon!  We calculate the future unemployment rate based on the price of gasoline! 

Now to visualization, using GasBuddy's list of average gasoline prices by state, our map showing the average price a motorist can expect to pay for a gallon of gas as of 18 March 2012:

Next, here is our map showing the average combined federal, state and local excise taxes per gallon for each state in the U.S. as of 1 January 2012, as per the American Petroleum Institute:

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