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Now that we've revealed the pace at which the most prolific abortion providers in the United States conduct their business, it's time to consider their primary motivating factor behind achieving such economies of scale: revenue.

To do that, we'll need to determine the average amount of money collected for each abortion performed in the United States based upon their annual caseloads. Fortunately, the Guttmacher Institute has once again collected the data we need to construct a model by which we can estimate the average price paid for an abortion in the U.S. depending upon the annual volume of abortions performed by the provider.

We've summarized what we found in the chart below, which applies to all abortions provided in non-hospital settings that are performed at approximately 10 weeks of gestation. (As we noted in our previous post, abortions performed in hospitals predominantly are done for medical reasons, where at least a portion of the price paid might be covered by a patient's health insurance.) This data then encompasses the average prices paid that apply for over 80% of all abortions performed in the United States.

Average Price Paid for Abortions at 10 Weeks of Gestation by Annual Caseload of Abortion Provider, 2009

The graph above somewhat resembles a demand curve from economics, where the lowest amount of a quantity demanded corresponds to the highest price, and the greatest amount of a quantity demanded corresponds to the lowest price.

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