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Isn't it about time that we just stopped thinking of NCAA-member universities as institutions of higher learning and started thinking of them as a massively successful national professional sports league that operates colleges on the side for the tax advantages?

Instead of having federal tax deductions that are based on how much interest you had to pay, which provides incentives to people to rack up a lot of debt, what if we had tax credits that reward people based on how much loan principal they've paid down or that rewards them for maintaining no debt?

Does Dancing with the Stars' Chaz Bono = American Idol's Sanjaya?

Citibank's "Consumer Hourglass Theory" explained by demographics:

Generations: 1900-2007

Hmm. The very large Baby Boom generation is currently and collectively in its peak earning years, while the very large Generation Y is currently and collectively in its lowest earning years. Meanwhile, the much smaller by comparison Generation X is in its middle-earning years.

And for some reason, Citibank's analytical hacks need to concoct the "Consumer Hourglass Theory" to explain why businesses are marketing toward either high-end consumers or low-end consumers, while political hacks are decrying the "destruction of the middle class." For crying out loud hacks: follow the people!

Rally Squirrels!

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