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We've got good news, bad news and really bad news for you this morning, White House Staffer! The good news is that for the first time in months, the average national price of gasoline in the United States has fallen below $3.55 per gallon, so we've finally taken down the "Good Morning, White House Staffer" feature that we've been running since mid-April. Just as promised!

The bad news? The reason gasoline prices have fallen is because the outlook for the economy has gotten much worse. Much like the last time it happened, just after U.S. gasoline prices peaked at $3.96 per gallon in early May 2011. When we took matters into our own hands and pushed gasoline prices lower at that time by accelerating the change in outlook.

Because that outlook has gotten much worse, and also because of what that means for jobs, the really bad news we have for you is that basically, you're hosed. Please review the following chart to understand why:

U.S. Unemployment Rate and Real Motor Gasoline Prices (and Projections) Shifted Two Years Later, January 1978 - August 2011

Political Calculations

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