Paul Tracy

It's the most popular high-yielding stock owned by members of Congress.

And they might be on to something. Right now this stock yields 5.9%... and it's one of the most stable dividend-payers in the United States. During the recession, dividends stayed steady, but in the past five years, investors have enjoyed five annual dividend increases.

At last count, 57 members of Congress -- 20 Democrats and 37 Republicans -- owned shares of this company.
I'll tell you more in a moment. But first, I think you should understand why it's important to know why Congress members own the shares at all...

A few weeks ago, 60 Minutes finally blew the lid off the entire thing.

To make a long story short, insider-trading is legal for members of Congress and many of their high-ranking aides. They can trade based on the information they encounter in their day-to-day work, even it if it is nonpublic information. (For the full story, you can read some of our thoughts on the topic here.)

We have been telling readers about this for months. In fact, we even put out a special report -- "Congress' Dirty Secret" -- that outlined the problem and showed people how to find out what their Congressman owns with a few clicks of a mouse.