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North Korea-US: The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) published a statement from the National Defense Commission (NDC) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) about "U.S. President Obama's south Korean junket on 25 and 26 April." The excerpts in quotation marks are as they appeared in the official translation of the statement into English.

"Obama's trip was nothing but an abnormal burlesque staged at the repeated coquetry and request made by his female stooge driven into a tight corner for her "yusin" fascist rule of modern type and unpopular rule. We do not want to take issue with every disgusting behavior which took place between him and his servant but cannot but take a serious note of his wicked demeanor…."

"He called for slapping tougher international "sanctions" and boosting 'cooperation in the campaign against the north' and agreed with his south Korean counterpart on building a missile shield and deferring the transfer of the right to control wartime operations under the pretext of the DPRK's nuclear activities and rocket launches for self-defense.…"

"The nuclear issue, a source of worldwide disaster and trouble, was spawned by the U.S. The DPRK has access to the nukes due to the U.S. constant nuclear threat and blackmailing…."

"We would like to declare once again that the DPRK's nukes are not to get recognition or permission from someone. It is not a bargaining chip for economic dealings either…."

"Second, Obama should have thought about the ailing American society and wagged his tongue before talking rubbish about "provocation", "threat" and "human rights" in the DPRK….The U.S. and its allies should clearly understand that their "human rights" ballad (sic) can never bring down the DPRK just as they did in the Mid-east and Balkans."

"Third, the U.S. should remember that its attempt to put the Korean peninsula under its control is an anachronistic act of bringing it shame and destruction…He forced the south Korean puppet forces to reexamine the period and conditions for the transfer of the right to control wartime operations slated for 2015. The U.S. has tried hard to seize the right to control wartime operations at any cost in order to keep hold on south Korea, a strategic stronghold which it occupies for the past nearly seven decades.

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