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North Korea: The Korean central broadcasting system aired a statement by the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). The main point of the statement was to respond to the UN Security Council's criticism of North Korean rocket launches. Excerpts follow.

"DPRK Foreign Ministry Statement"

"Today, our earnest efforts to prevent a new war on the Korean peninsula and ensure peace and security are encountering a grave challenge from hostile forces."

"On 28 March, the UNSC perpetrated an illegal and outrageous act of provocation by unjustly criticizing and denouncing our rightful rocket launch exercise at some closed-door consultations held at the urgent request of the United States."

"Our rocket launch is our army's self-defensive military exercise in response to the grave development in which the United States' hostile policy against the DPRK, which has continued for decades spanning centuries, and aggressive nuclear war exercises are increasingly getting ratcheted up."

"The United States pressed ahead with the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises with the South Korean puppets by bringing in vast armed forces and killing equipment despite the fact that the momentum for easing was forming based on our proactive and peace-loving goodwill and efforts this year"

"The scale and the danger have been growing bigger, as the Ssang Yong exercise, which began on 27 March, involves the biggest troop participation since 1993, and is taking place under the presumptuous assumption of the occupation of Pyongyang as its basic objective…."

"…Given that the United States is endlessly waging nuclear war exercises by totally mobilizing all kinds of nuclear strike means targeting the occupation of Pyongyang, among other things, citing annual exercises or something like that, our exercises conducted in response, too, will include various types of exercises for utilizing more diversified nuclear deterrent as different striking forces against different medium- and long-range targets."

"In case the United States again brings provocation allegations against them, we have all of the next-stage measures that defy imagination by the enemies ready in response to that."

"A new type of nuclear test for the further strengthening of our nuclear deterrent will not be ruled out." (Emphasis added.)

"The United States should stop acting recklessly and think carefully. If a catastrophic situation no one wants is brought to the Korean peninsula, the blame entirely falls on the United States."

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