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China-North Korea: The third day of Vice Marshal Choe's visit to Beijing was full. It included a meeting with General Fan Changlong, a Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and a meeting with President Xi Jinping.

The meeting with General Fan. Fan told Choe that China wants all sides to adhere to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and to resolve outstanding issues through dialogue, according to Xinhua.

Fan also said tensions on the Korean Peninsula regarding the nuclear issue have intensified strategic conflicts among involved parties and jeopardized the peace and stability of the peninsula.

"China always holds the view that the peace and stability of the peninsula serves the common interests of all involved parties," Fan told Choe. He expressed hope that the parties involved could stick to the denuclearization, safeguard peninsular peace and stability, resolve disputes and conflicts through dialogues and consultations, and make unremitting efforts for the realization of lasting peace and stability on the peninsula and in Northeast Asia.

Choe highlighted the complicated the situation and lack of safety assurances on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia. Choe said the North Korean people need a stable and peaceful environment for the development of their country.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is willing to work with parties concerned to find ways to resolve the current conflicts via dialogues, Choe pledged.

Comment: The meeting with Fan was Choe's first with a senior military official. The message was direct that China considers North Korean nuclear weapons to be destabilizing and a threat to China's interests.

The meeting with President Xi. Choe's most important meeting was with President Xi Jinping and it was also the most frank.

According to Xinhua, President Xi told Choe, "The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and lasting peace on the peninsula are what the people want and also the trend of the times….China has a very clear position concerning the issue: that all the parties involved should stick to the objective of denuclearization, safeguard the peace and stability on the peninsula, and resolve disputes through dialogue and consultation."

Choe delivered a letter from Kim Jong Un to Chinese President Xi. Choe said it is the sincere wish of the DPRK to create a peaceful external environment to develop its economy and improve people's livelihood.

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