Night Watch

Posted September 23, 2014

Afghanistan has a president, but it might not have a working government.

Posted September 20, 2014

Clashes between Houthi rebels and pro-government militias in Sana'a, the capital, resulted in at least 38 people killed.

Posted September 19, 2014

The Ukrainian parliament did what Ukraine has been doing since its withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact. It moved forward on both the pro-Western and the pro-Russian tracks.

Posted September 18, 2014

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) press office in Kabul confirmed that three ISAF soldiers were killed as a result of a suicide bombing attack in Kabul today.

Posted September 17, 2014

The government submitted a draft bill to the parliament that would bestow "special status" for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions until a new constitution is drafted, and grant partial amnesty for militants who would lay down arms voluntarily and who committed no serious crimes.

Posted September 13, 2014

This week senior US officials provided contradictory information about the threat to the US from ISIL.

Posted September 12, 2014

The introduction of elections and of modern technology has not changed the foundations of Afghan political culture. One way or another, Pashtuns always rule.

Posted September 11, 2014

This attack shows that ISIL knows it still has rivals in Syria and has pretty good intelligence on their leaderships' activities.

Posted September 10, 2014

With the formation of a government, the most urgent task will be the fight against the Islamists, which includes the challenge of rebuilding the confidence of the Sunni Arab tribes in the central government.

Posted September 09, 2014

The government forces are losing in at least four districts in Helmand province. "The situation is deteriorating and the Taliban are almost in the bazaar," the governor of Musa Qala district, Haji-Mohammad Sharif, said Friday night.

Posted September 06, 2014

One of the big differences between Russian strategic ambitions and ISIL's strategic goals is that ISIL has announced its mission as converting the entire world to Islam and killing those who resist. Today's announcement advances the mission. Putin has made no comparable claim.

Posted September 05, 2014

The Russian propagandists almost lost control of the spin on Putin's talk with Poroshenko. Evidently, the Russians recognized the error and had Russian media publish corrections. Now, Russia continues to adhere to the fiction that it is not a party to the fighting.

Posted September 04, 2014

The separatists restated their new goal of creating an autonomous state within Ukraine. The Kyiv regime continues to reject negotiations with them.

Posted September 03, 2014

With the introduction of Russian "volunteer" units in southeast Ukraine, the momentum has switched back to the rebels.

Posted August 30, 2014

The key question is not, as the US ambassador to the UN posed, today, what will make the Russians listen to the UN. It is what will ensure that the Russians stop. Obviously sanctions miss the mark.

Posted August 29, 2014

Syrian rebels, including fighters from the al-Qaida affiliated al-Nusra Front, seized control of a border crossing post on the Golan Heights on Wednesday after clashes with Syrian government forces.

Posted August 28, 2014

As for the ceasefire, it appears to match what the Israelis decided last week. Israel will keep it as long as Hamas does. It will retaliate against Gaza for mortar and rocket fire and recycle the ceasefire until the next breach by the Palestinians, if one occurs.

Posted August 26, 2014

Al Jazeera reported Iranian soldiers executed a joint operation with the Kurdish peshmerga militia in Diyala Governate and succeeded in retaking the town of Jalawla from fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Posted August 23, 2014

The Palestinians are continuing to use up their rockets at the rate of over 100 per day. Meanwhile, much of Gaza is being reduced to rubble. The Hamas leadership seems oddly comfortable with that outcome, provided they can still shoot rockets.

Posted August 22, 2014

The Gaza War resumed in earnest on the 20th. The Palestinians fired 150 rockets into Israel on 20 August. Israel sources say they fired 213 rockets since they broke the ceasefire.


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