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OK, I think there are any number of reasons why Ms. Clinton should not be considered for the presidency. But I guess I need to add delusion to the list. I think she’s conniving, ruthless, a crony capitalist, an opportunist, and generally a political hack. But I didn’t think she wandered around in an alternate reality. Does she seriously believe that even her supporters are buying this nonsense?

(From The Weekly Standard)

“Well, when we came out of the White House, we were deeply in debt because of all the legal bills that we owed because of the relentless persecution of my husband and myself, and he had to work unbelievably hard to pay off every single penny of every debt we owed. And we did,” Clinton responds.

The magazine posits, “Today, you are multimillionaires. Your husband has earned $104 million with his speeches since 2001.”

To which the former secretary of state responds, “We are very grateful for where we are today. But if you were to go back and look at the amount of money that we owed, we couldn’t even get a mortgage on a house by ourselves. In our system he had to make double what he needed in order just to pay off the debt, and then to finance a house and continue to pay for our daughter’s education.”

Ms. Clinton says that she and her husband had to worry about getting a mortgage and about paying for Chelsea’s Stanford education (That’s where broke people go to college you know. Was the University of Arkansas even considered?) because of the legal bills they had racked up during Bill Clinton’s impeachment. They were flat on their back. They didn’t know what they were going to do.

It’s not like people contributed piles of money to the “Clinton Defense Fund” or anything.

(From The Washington Post 2-25-1999)

The trustees of President Clinton’s legal defense fund said yesterday that they have raised more than $4.5 million to help pay his legal bills and may eventually be able to cover most of the cost of the president’s legal defense in the Whitewater investigation, the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit and Congress’s impeachment inquiry and trial.

Nick Sorrentino

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