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The ubiquitous nature of modern police forces in America is anathema to the principals this country was founded on. As government has grown larger, as the cronies have amassed more power and money, the tools of law enforcement have become more powerful both on the street and in the courts. The rule of law has been consistently eroded, especially around 4th Amendment, the prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizure. It is vital that this trend be reversed. An out of control police apparatus is a big part of a crony society as the police are controlled ultimately by the cronies. The question fundamentally is one we’ve asked before. Are we citizens or are we subjects?

(From The Washington Times)

Keep in mind, people in the political class constantly reveal their contempt for regular citizens. That contempt is the inevitable result of a group of people who have convinced themselves that big government is necessary because the little people can’t control their own lives.

These same politicians and bureaucrats then begin to see themselves a genuinely better than everyone else. After all, if they were just like us, then they’d be part of the rabble, and they can’t have that. The solution to their dilemma is a police state.

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Nick Sorrentino

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