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There is a culture of privilege which runs deep through our government. And its nothing new, though it does seem to have been taken up a notch with this administration.

Why shouldn’t Eric Holder fly where he pleases on the taxpayer dime? Don’t the taxpayers know that he’s a big shot, the chief cop of the universe. We should be happy we can help him fly where he wants for personal reasons.

Fundamentally I think it has to do with who thinks who is in charge. The government exists to serve the people. It serves at our pleasure fundamentally. Washington is to govern, not rule.

But 3 generations of worshiping the government has turned this key American trait, something which was at the core of this country from the beginning, on its head. People in government at the executive level seem to think that just because people in the private sector get to fly around on personal jets for personal reasons they should be able to too. But there is a key difference. Executives in the private sector pay for their flights, executives in the government have taxpayers pay for their largess.

No one in the government should be using highly expensive government jets to do anything of a personal nature. That goes for Eric Holder, it goes for the First Lady who seems to have had a nice vacation in China, and it goes for any other person in the government.

This sense of entitlement must end. The people do not serve the government. The government serves us and we don’t like our public servants wasting our money.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Holder made the comment when asked if he would report those trips to the General Services Administration in the future.

“We didn’t have a reporting requirement that existed before,” he said. “If they want to change those rules, we’d be more than glad to make sure that we share that information with the appropriate organization, but this is something that is really wide open.”

But, but, but, we weren’t required to report our taxpayer funded vacations.

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