Nick Sorrentino

11. The multifamily McMansion

mcmansion 3 c c

10. The Suburban financed with a home equity loan.

repo suburban c c

9. Home equity loans.

hloc c c

8. That guy at the party who talks about how much money he’s “made” on his house.

big shot c c

7. The show Flip This House (though I think they’ve tried to bring this back).

FTH c c

6. CEO of Countrywide Joseph Mozillo’s tan.

mozillo c c

5. People talking about the “property ladder.”

PL c c

4. People debating “Corian or granite” in the kitchen.

corian c c

3. Billboards like this.

Realtor c c

2. Lehman Brothers

Lehman Brothers

1. Anything approaching Constitutional government. (But probably should go back to before 9-11-2001.)

Constitution CCCC

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