Nick Sorrentino

I am very grateful for the broad spectrum of readers we have at Against Crony Capitalism. We certainly have a certain take on how best to deal with the growing crony capitalism in this country, and that is for the most part to shrink the enabling organ, government. It seems plain as May Day to me and I have considered the ins and outs of crony capitalism for a long time. But there are those who disagree with us.

Even with the piles of evidence we have amassed, and which is available from other sources, some people continue to believe that if only we could get “good” people in government, things would be great. It’s not the size of government they argue. It’s the nature of government. If only we could get the corporate money out of politics (rarely is the same said of unions which give more to political causes than corporations) things would work for “the people.”

We could have single payer health care which is top flight. Vacations for 2 months. Free college. Social equality with the less fortunate brought out of systematic poverty (created by a bourgeois power structure of course) and the systematically rich brought down to size. We could have a fossil fuel free economy. Mass transit would whisk us from place to place for “free.” And golf courses would be converted into picnic grounds for the newly vacationed.

There used to be a tendency among big government people to at least call for a reduction in the size of the military which I always found laudable. But since such a military is no longer a threat to the Soviet Union (and is no longer seen as a weapon of “capitalist” imperialism) the military has become cautiously embraced by the statists in recent years who now see the value of a large works program emanating from the Pentagon. (The US military has become by far the world’s largest social engineering petri dish.)

“Liberals” have also cautiously accepted the surveillance state. The general tendency to fight Big Brother, often found on the Left of my childhood is pretty much gone. As the state has become ever larger Big Brother has become a friend to statists. To make a revolution one must break a few eggs as they say, even if one of those eggs is human dignity and privacy. The ends justify the means.

Nick Sorrentino

Nick Sorrentino is the co-founder and editor of, and the CEO of Exelorix Consultants. A political and communications advisor with clients spanning the political spectrum and the business world, his work has been featured in many publications and across the Web. A graduate of Mary Washington College he lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan.

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