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We have the numbers, and unlike in times past the average person also has almost the same access to information as the political class. This fundamentally changes the equation even if the political class believes it still has the momentum of history. The momentum can be shifted from the current 20th century statist direction to a 21st century open source, classically liberal one with sustained effort. We are already headed in that direction. You reading this is testament to that.

So though I share Ms. Noonan’s despair to some extent, I am also optimistic. There is huge opportunity for positive change in this country. The political class at its core knows it’s intellectually (and perhaps in other ways) bankrupt. It knows that if a critical mass of people just say “NO!” they’d be done. The game would be up. The wall would fall down.

The Wall cc

We don’t have to live under a regime of morality defined by political correctness. We don’t have to accept that an ever larger state is for some bizarre reason considered “progressive.” We don’t have to accept a Federal Reserve which bails out banks and saddles us with debt while enabling the growth of an unresponsive and burdensome state. We don’t have to accept a government which dismisses us as it says it is representing us. We don’t have to live as subjects. We can live as citizens – again. We can be free. We were born with this right.

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Nick Sorrentino

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