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The statists had better watch out if 15-year-olds in San Francisco are reading (and understanding) Hunter Lewis’s new book on the Federal Reserve. There may be hope yet.

Though Hunter is my partner and I am by no means unbiased, I have to say that if one wants to understand the Federal Reserve there is absolutely no better place to start than Free Prices Now!

The attached review is a testament to the accessibility of the book. Though Hunter deals with some of the most complex concepts in economics, the book is written simply. That is to say, well.

(From The San Francisco Book Review, Children’s Review Section)

The Federal Reserve has crushed our economy like a withered apple; it has brought us eighty-seven TRILLION dollars of debt, which we have no hope to repay. It has destroyed any incentive that people have to save, and has instead convinced everyone to recklessly spend with abandon. Hunter Lewis sheds light on all these facts in clear and simple terms, with eloquent, straightforward examples. He presents and explains all these issues as well as offering ways to correct them.

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