Nick Sorrentino

Posted January 24, 2014

Is anyone, anyone, surprised by this? I can remember the moment I heard that S&P had taken US debt from AAA to AA+. I had 2 thoughts. The first was, “Wow.” The second was, “Wow, the Obama administration isn’t going to like this.”

Posted January 23, 2014

When people talk about being “rich” what most folks mean in my experience is the ability to live free from the day to day pressure of bills and credit ratings and college tuition lurking in the future, or in one’s past. Being rich for most people means being independent.

Posted January 22, 2014

Although I am a PC guy, I have the greatest respect for Apple and Steve Jobs. Consider this: Apple became the largest company in the world (by valuation) without gaming the political system.

Posted January 21, 2014

Boyd Marcus is a good old boy. He was a Republican good old boy until he switched sides last year and endorsed Terry McAuliffe the Bill Clinton confidant, former head of the DNC, and accomplished crony capitalist.

Posted January 19, 2014

No one in government wants their power diminished. No matter what agency it is they never want to get smaller.

Posted January 18, 2014

The DC Republicans are sort of amazed by the whole phenomenon. Wasn’t it just 3 years ago that everything was normal? What happened? The GOP got defense money and farm subsidies. The Dems got social programs. We yelled at each other a little bit. But in the end everyone knew the game.

Posted January 17, 2014

The statists had better watch out if 15-year-olds in San Francisco are reading (and understanding) Hunter Lewis’s new book on the Federal Reserve. There may be hope yet.

Posted January 16, 2014

Down with the sequester say the Republicans! Small government? Are you kidding? Look at us. We LOVE to spend the taxpayer’s money. Just as much as the Democrats.

Posted January 15, 2014

It is as if once the Soviet Union died, once the scourge of international socialism was utterly and completely decimated both economically and intellectually, humanity couldn’t help but lurch forward.

Posted January 14, 2014

The law may be a disaster and may have been forced through in the most partisan way possible. But guess what? Too bad for you. You Mr. and Mrs Middle Class are on the hook. And so are your kids. Suck it up.

Posted January 13, 2014

Check out this video of the ATLAS robot from Boston Dynamics, a company which Google just acquired.

Posted January 05, 2014

This is a Constitutional issue. This is a general privacy issue. But it’s also a crony capitalism issue.

Posted December 30, 2013

Americans spend so much money, time, and energy on spectator sports and as in ESPN’s case even pay taxes to circus ring leaders. I don’t get it.

Posted October 21, 2013

The GOP is in serious trouble because American young people, who to a very large degree are inclined to be entrepreneurial, individualist (though communitarian), innovative, and generally anti-state (in many ways) have seen the hypocrisy of the Republicans over the years.


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