Morgan Brittany

This is just another way to circumvent Congress.  Lew knows that he doesn’t have to explain anything, he just does it.  There will be no pushback from Boehner or Congress.  To them, this type of juggling figures is perfectly normal.  So Lew says that these “extraordinary measures” will provide another $260 billion to give them headroom, but who knows if that hasn’t been spent already?

Do they really think we won’t notice that the clock stopped ticking? Well, some of us anyway.  If this is their MO, “cooking the books” and manipulating the numbers at their whim, how much is the debt really? 

Let’s just call it what it is.  It is a blatant lie to the American people about how much trouble we are in.  They can play these games for awhile, but sooner or later this whole thing is going to implode.

Morgan Brittany


Morgan Brittany

Morgan now spends much of her time devoted to military organizations and other conservative causes. Her greatest passion is speaking on behalf of the greatness of America!

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