Morgan Brittany

Once again, Barak Obama stood before the American people and said…nothing.  Well, not exactly “nothing”, he spoke for over an hour but after its conclusion one had to ask, “What was THAT all about?” 

This speech was touted as one that would announce a great economic plan and lay out details for getting the economy booming again.  Instead, it was more of a campaign, political speech with nothing but attacks against his opponents and downright anger over what he calls “phony distractions”.

Instead of identifying and providing solutions for the problems facing this nation, he once again blamed the “rich” and the “1%” for the inequality in America.  He continued to push his class warfare agenda while at the same time tying it up with a ribbon around the Republicans neck.  He kept pushing the mantra that the Republicans were the only reason that the country wasn’t advancing, not once looking at his failed policies.

One could tune out the same old, same old, of him pushing for more government spending on his environmental measures, his infrastructure demands, and his endless liberal “wish list”.  But what you couldn’t tune out was his anger and vitriol against what he called “phony distractions” brought about by the GOP. 

Let’s see, we have the “phony” IRS scandal that is now sitting on the doorstep of the White House getting ready to explode. A scandal that is so blatantly political it defies belief. We have Benghazi, where the White House is stonewalling the investigating committee at every turn, not even allowing certain witnesses to testify.  I don’t think it’s “phony” that four Americans died yet the White House and its minions are treating it as though it were a trivial “bump in the road” that needs to be put behind us.

The NSA spying scandal is another “phony” diversion according to Obama.  Strange that he doesn’t mind collecting private information on millions of Americans to use at his discretion, but he wants to get his hands on Edward Snowden for blowing the whistle on America’s secrets.  We also have “Fast and Furious” that by now most people have forgotten about.

The biggest scandal of all, which he did not even mention was that one of the largest cities in this country declared bankruptcy on his watch.  Here we had a city that was once a shining and brilliant example of prosperity that deteriorated into a cesspool of corruption and government over reach.

I’m sure he is hoping that by branding all of these scandals as “phony”, he will convince the American people that these issues are insignificant and don’t need to be answered.  He probably hopes that by repeating his “phony” line over and over and then passing out the talking points to his mouthpieces, enough people will hear it and believe that it is all a waste of time.

I’m sure that some will.  For the many who are not paying attention and don’t even know who represents them in Congress, his words will get through and they will agree with him.  But according to recent polls, a majority of people DO think that these scandals are important and should be thoroughly investigated.  If they took one thing away from his speech, it was that he was trying his best to stifle any investigations.  His empty words that he “would get to the bottom of this” have faded away.  He does not and never did want to get to the bottom of any of it.

This was a lost opportunity for Obama.  He never seems to understand the wisdom and leadership of many past Presidents who made grand speeches to unite the country in times of distress, rallied the troops and gave the hope of inspiration, confidence and brighter days ahead.  Instead, he takes opportunities like this and divides people, pits them one against the other, fuels hatred and racial divide.  His unending rhetoric about inequality in this country is getting old and tired.  A real leader would recognize the problems, soothe the divide and make America better for ALL of the people, not just the ones who can keep the Democrats in power. 

He may continue to blame it all on Republicans, but his failure as a President has created more inequality and more division that any American leader in recent history.

Morgan Brittany


Morgan Brittany

Morgan now spends much of her time devoted to military organizations and other conservative causes. Her greatest passion is speaking on behalf of the greatness of America!

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