Morgan Brittany

John Kerry just spit in the eye of the American people.  For the past month we have been bombarded with Obama and his administration predicting Armageddon due to the sequester.  The American people were supposed to be looking at cutbacks and layoffs, long lines at the airports, no more food inspections, and children starving in the streets!  Not to mention we haven’t enough money to send the aircraft carrier U.S. Truman to the Persian Gulf.

Well that was last week.  I guess we found some spare change in an old suit because John Kerry just gave $250 million to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood this weekend!  Wow!  Think of the kids that could have fed.

What is going on in this dysfunctional administration?  Not only are we handing over aircraft and tanks to this regime that makes no secret of hating us and hating Israel, but now we take the bread out of the mouths of Americans to “buy” a promise of democracy!  This is idiocy!

Egypt’s economy is continuing to crumble while Morsi’s radical rants against America and Israel continue.  There is unrest everywhere as was obvious when our American embassy was stormed, our flag torn down and the black flag of jihad raised in its place.  Yet we continue to bend over time and again and throw money at these people no matter what they do to us.

Just after the delivery of our $213 million dollar gift of F-16’sto the Muslim Brotherhood, guess who was invited over for tea?  None other than Ahmadinejad who received the full red carpet treatment from Morsi.  What was he doing?  Picking out which jets he wanted sent to Iran?  Perhaps they were comparing notes on their hatred of Israel calling the Israeli people “descendants of apes and pigs” and saying that Egyptian children should be “nursed” on “hatred for Israel”.

The American people should be outraged over this.  We are being asked to sacrifice and bleed more of our blood to the government while Egypt takes the cash and spits in our face. 

Throwing more money at the Middle East is not going to solve their problems.  The region is a hotbed of terrorists and terror activity.  With every dollar we give Morsi he can use that as propaganda to strengthen his regime; a regime that the Muslim Brotherhood supports and encourages.

Morgan Brittany

Morgan now spends much of her time devoted to military organizations and other conservative causes. Her greatest passion is speaking on behalf of the greatness of America!

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