Morgan Brittany

The payroll tax increase is already taking a toll on businesses with Wal-Mart reporting weaker salesin the fourth quarter.  Other companies are reporting with numbers that were below expectations as well.  Gas prices are rising all across the country at a higher pace than normal.  Most of the country has not even switched from their winter blends yet prices are in the $3.50-4.50 a gallon range for a gallon of regular.  The Keystone pipeline is in limbo because Obama doesn’t want to make a hard decision on whether to side with the unions or the kook environmentalists. 

What is the leader of the free world doing?  He’s out playing golf with Tiger Woods and the media has it’s panties in a twist because they were shut out! They seem to have no major concern over issues that might really affect this country.

Still, when he and the other Democrat talking heads do get down to discussing the issues, there are no solutions, just scare tactics.  No conversations about how we need to cut spending in order to save Social Security and Medicare, just the same old mantra about taxing the rich.

The only strategy that they have is to create fear in the hearts of the American people.  They feel that if the folks think “schools will suffer, teachers will be laid off, Head Start programs will cease to exist, the mentally ill will be roaming the streets, criminals will be let out of prisons and gasp…you will have to wait hours in line at the airport because TSA will be cut back!”, then they can manipulate the public into turning against those evil Republicans who are not bowing to the whims of Obama.  I guess no one will mention the fact that this was all his idea in the first place.

I’m with Rush Limbaugh; this is embarrassing.  If this is what Obamas leadership looks like in a non-crisis, imagine what he will do when it all hits the fan in the not too distant future of unsustainable debt and bankrupt programs.  The “sky is NOT falling yet”.  He should save the panic for when it really does.


Morgan Brittany

Morgan Brittany

Morgan now spends much of her time devoted to military organizations and other conservative causes. Her greatest passion is speaking on behalf of the greatness of America!

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