Mike Shedlock

Posted October 10, 2014

Panic is in the air in some places over the deadly ebola virus. Is the panic justified? Is there any cure? How deadly is ebola compared to other viruses? How many have died so far? What can be done to stop the spread?

Posted October 09, 2014

The IMF finally had a "duh" moment in what should have been obvious years ago. The IMF finally realizes that almost zero borrowing costs has encouraged speculation rather than a hoped-for pick up in investment.

Posted October 08, 2014

Inquiring minds may be interested in a set of charts that show trends in hours worked. The charts are as of the latest job numbers from Friday, October 3, 2014.

Posted October 07, 2014

Apparently there is never supposed to be a decline ever because with that trivial decline, Wall Street Declares All Clear for Junk Bonds.

Posted October 06, 2014

Catalonia is already a nation but the term has no "legal weight".

Posted October 05, 2014

The yield curve should be steepening, at least if one believes in the recovery. Let's take a look to see what is actually happening.

Posted October 04, 2014

The labor force fell by 97,000. Those not in the labor force increased by 315,000. This follows last month's increase of those not in the labor force of 268,000.

Posted October 03, 2014

The protest movement followed a controversial decision in which candidates for chief executive of Hong Kong in the 2017 elections be made by a committee, rather that a general election. Election by committee is billed as "election reform".

Posted October 02, 2014

Last month, ECB President pulled out a financial bazooka including a pledge to build up the ECB's balance sheet by another 1 trillion.

Posted October 01, 2014

Reader Mike wonders how interest can ever be repaid in a credit-based economy.

Posted September 30, 2014

The alleged recovery in Spain is already over. Retail sales are down month-over-month and year-over-year in July. August and September are both projected to be weak.

Posted September 29, 2014

Nation building by outsiders does not work, ever. Results are especially bad when outside forces haphazardly piece together nations to suit political whims.

Posted September 28, 2014

The socialists ruined France and Italy. And the Euro which was supposed to be a uniter has been anything but.

Posted September 27, 2014

Here's the question of the day: Does GDP stand for Gross Domestic Product or Grossly Distorted Procedures? One of the reasons I ask is the latest push by countries to include prostitution and drugs sales in GDP calculations.

Posted September 26, 2014

With housing prices still rising, albeit more slowly, inquiring minds might be wondering about "Real" interest rates and the "Real" CPI?

Posted September 25, 2014

The out-of-the-blue excuses countries come up with for not making budget deficit targets are rather amusing.

Posted September 24, 2014

There are lots of reasons why your health care plan may have been cancelled but this one is arguably the most bizarre.

Posted September 23, 2014

With cash-paying investors on full retreat, existing home sales dropped 1.8% in August, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Posted September 22, 2014

Arrogance cost former French president Nicolas Sarkozy the election in 2012. What's changed? Nothing.

Posted September 21, 2014

The French protest underscores the stupidity of sanctions. No one wins. Russia does not get fruits and vegetables, but European growers lose income.