Mike Shedlock

Posted May 05, 2015

I have seen many grim predictions regarding robots taking away human jobs, but one of the most dire predictions comes from a study commissioned by ING-Diba.

Posted May 03, 2015

Economists have been overly optimistic on the majority of economic reports for going on six months.

Posted May 01, 2015

A BLS report out Thursday shows Compensation Costs up 0.7% December 2014-March 2015 and 2.6% over the year ending March.

Posted April 30, 2015

Don't worry. The First Quarter GDP Disaster, released yesterday is transitory.

Posted April 29, 2015

The Fed manufacturing surveys continue to disappoint. Today, the Richmond Fed reading came in at -3 matching the lowest guess on Bloomberg.

Posted April 28, 2015

New orders in the Dallas Fed manufacturing survey came in negative for the sixth straight month today.

Posted April 25, 2015

In a move 100% guaranteed to blow up at a later date, the ECB Said to Start Buying Covered Bonds With Negative Yields.

Posted April 24, 2015

The Bloomberg consensus estimate for new homes sales was an overly-optimistic 518,000. Instead, it's bad news again as new home sales fell a very steep 11.4 percent to a 481,000 annual rate.

Posted April 23, 2015

The amusing headline of the day comes from ECB Executive Board Member Benoit Coeure who told Greek newspaper Kathimerini on Wednesday in an interview ECB to Fund Greek Banks as Long as They Stay Solvent. Read more at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/#AQf5FjZIVOuiuzVI.99

Posted April 22, 2015

Today a $295.7 million bond offering by the beleaguered Chicago Board of Education hit the market.

Posted April 21, 2015

Robbing Peter to pay Paul took another leap forward in Greece today as Tsipras to Seize Public-Sector Funds to Keep Greece Afloat.

Posted April 16, 2015

Citibank's Global Chief Economist Willem Buiter is another in a line of economic idiots (sorry, but no other word is more accurate) who call for abolishing cash and taxing deposits. Read more at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/#MEkIuZLem0cRWD1B.99

Posted April 14, 2015

Greece is threatening to withhold payments to the IMF in in May and June. This time it does not sound like a bluff. And if it's not a bluff, we will finally know precisely when midnight occurs.

Posted April 10, 2015

I received many questions and comments regarding Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership Fiasco vs. Mish's Proposed Free Trade Alternative. While most do see Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as a fiasco, many question my alternative proposal.

Posted April 09, 2015

In response to Republican questioning on monetary policy and employment, Bernanke replied the Fed Already Follows Policy Rule.

Posted April 08, 2015

Reader Richard asked me to comment on Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) proposal.

Posted April 07, 2015

Futures were negative following Friday's dismal job showing but that lasted only as long as the the market open.

Posted April 05, 2015

April 9th was one of the critical dates by which Greece was said to be out of cash. By now most expect these kinds of deadlines to come and go in belief the eurozone hat has an endless supply of rabbits.

Posted April 03, 2015

Inquiring minds are investigating the Commerce Department report on International Trade in Goods and Services for February 2015, for clues about first quarter GDP.

Posted April 02, 2015

I have long railed against fractional reserve lending, duration mismatches (e.g. banks issuing 2-year CDs and lending money for 15-year mortgages), bank's ability to lend money into existence, and deposit insurance.