Mike Shedlock

Posted March 29, 2016

Those trumping up the notion consumer spending would pick up in the first quarter were in for a surprise today.

Posted March 28, 2016

The Wall Street Journal uses the term gig meaning an alternative work arrangement job.

Posted March 25, 2016

Japans dysfunctional bond market is not only inverted between three month and eight years, it also sports negative yields out to 10 years.

Posted March 24, 2016

Following last months dismal showing, new home sales rebounded pretty much in-line with estimates, with the Western region leading the way.

Posted March 23, 2016

When Atlanta Fed president Dennis Lockhart spoke yesterday of momentum, did he have advance notice of the Richmond Fed manufacturing data released Tuesday?

Posted March 22, 2016

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan spoke with Tom Keene and Mike McKee for Bloomberg TV & Radio. He discussed the ramifications of negative interest rates, entitlement spending, and declining productivity.

Posted March 21, 2016

Axel Merk, President & CIO, Merk Investments LLC, pinged me on March 16 with his thoughts regarding Peak Dollar.

Posted March 18, 2016

On Tuesday, the Empire State manufacturing region returned to positive territory following seven months of contraction.

Posted March 17, 2016

Turning our focus back to the economy, there is no conceivable way the Fed will hike later today. The CPI is down, as is industrial production, and consumer spending.

Posted March 16, 2016

In response to Financial Wonderland: Reader Questions on Negative Rates and Money Heaven, several readers asked Why do banks park funds at the ECB for negative returns instead if simply keeping cash?

Posted March 15, 2016

In the wake of an allegedly welcome increase in inflation, the market is starting to price in increasing odds of rate hikes not many, and not fast, but there are very noticeable changes.

Posted March 14, 2016

Baker Hughes Rig Count Data shows the total U.S. rig count is 480, down by 9 in the last week. North American rig counts declined by 40 to 578. Canada accounts for 31 of the North American decline.

Posted March 11, 2016

Wholesale inventories came in today at +0.3% compared to a Bloomberg Econoday Consensus Estimate of -0.1%.

Posted March 10, 2016

The GDP forecast by the Atlanta Feds GDPNow Model remains at 2.2% following todays wholesale inventories report.

Posted March 07, 2016

Natural gas prices have fallen to a 17-year low. The number of drillers that can remain profitable at these prices has also collapsed.

Posted March 04, 2016

In contrast to the Markit US Services report which went into contraction for the first time since October 2013, the ISM Non-Manufacturing Services report is still in positive territory. However, the ISM employment index contracted for the first time since February 2014.

Posted March 03, 2016

On Thursday, the BLS jobs report comes out. There are huge differences in the payroll estimates ranging from a low of 55,000 to a high of 217,000 by Econoday.

Posted March 02, 2016

The word of the day is stagnation.

Posted March 01, 2016

Chinas chief, Zhou Xiaochuan, is trying hard to dispel worries about Chinas economic strategy. However, Asian central bank heads have a string tendency to say one thing and do another.

Posted February 26, 2016

The Illinois budget impasse has now spread to three universities struggling to pay bills.


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