Mike Shedlock

The following bullet points are from the French Ipos Poll: New French fractures, results and analysis of the Ipsos/Steria.

Although a huge majority of French want to stay on the Euro, a majority of "workers" don't.

Poll Conclusions

  • 79% distrust the outside world
  • 72% have no confidence in the French National Assembly
  • 74% think journalists do not write about the real problems
  • 66% think there are too many foreigners in France
  • 63% say Islam is not compatible with values of French society
  • 84% think politicians act for personal reasons
  • 70% Want strengthening of national power away from EU (up 5 percentage points from last poll)
  • 33% want to exit the euro (up 5 percentage points)
  • 52% of workers want to exit the euro (up 8 percentage points)
  • 45% think membership in the EU is a good thing, 40% think it's bad
  • 34% of workers think membership in the EU is a good thing

Mike Shedlock

Mike Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for Sitka Pacific Capital Management.

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