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As I watch the latest polls from Germany there are numerous outcomes, none of which will be pleasing to chancellor Angela Merkel, except outright victory by CDU/CSU +- FDP.

If anything but a CDU/CSU +- FDP majority happens, the chancellor will face seriously unwelcome choices.

For example: Reader Bernd pinged me with this comment yesterday "I just watched the last TV discussion. SPD has made it clear that EUROBONDS will be part and parcel of the package, if they come in with a coalition. Merkel was dead set against those up to now. Grand Coalition ??"

Indeed. Recall that Merkel is dead set against Eurobonds. Also recall eurobonds are against the German constitution.

And what is the price to pay for other coalitions?

Grand Coalition or Grand Fantasy?

A close friend continually points out: the German population wants a "Grand Coalition". And I agree with his assessment. But politically speaking, how stable would it be?

That is Merkel's concern, and that is why she is on a public campaign for voters to not split their votes.

But what if that is not good enough?

Latest Polls

Here are the latest polls.

As INSA reports things, there are numerous possibilities.

Give or take a mere 1-2% there are many possibilities.

  1. CDU/CSU + SPD (the "Grand Coalition")
  2. CDU/CSU + AFD
  3. CDU/CSU + FDP
  5. SPD + GRUE + Die Linke

Mike Shedlock

Mike Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for Sitka Pacific Capital Management.

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