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In response to 2.2 Million Go On Disability Since Mid-2010; Fraud Explains Falling Unemployment Rate I received a nice email from Madeline Schnapp, Director, Macroeconomic Research at TrimTabs Investment Research.

Madeline Writes ...

Hello Mish,

I loved your disability graph so decided to expand on that theme some more and took a look at the relationship between the trend in disability recipients and the roll off of recipients of emergency and extended unemployment insurance programs.

Should we dare say there is a stunning relationship!


Best, Madeline

Amazing Achievement is Fraud

 First consider a few snips from my previous post, then we will take a look at what TrimTabs has to say.

In the last year, the civilian population rose by 3,638,000. Yet the labor force only rose by 945,000. Those not in the labor force rose by 2,693,000.

In the last month, actual employment fell by 169,000, but the unemployment rate dropped by .1%.

That is an amazing "achievement" to say the least.

Since Mid-2010 2.2 Million Went on Disability

Notice the jump in claims after the recession was allegedly long-over.

The timing coincides with unemployment benefits expiring at 99 weeks. Supposedly higher taxes will fix the problem. I say "nonsense".

Trim Tabs Weekly Macro Analysis 

Please consider snips from the TrimTabs Weekly Forecast for May 8, 2012.

Mike Shedlock

Mike Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for Sitka Pacific Capital Management.

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