Michael Schaus

Apparently the White House decided to let Joe Biden out of his padded room for the long weekend. The incorrigible gaff machine was spotted in Detroit, speaking to labor unions, liberal activists, and Democrat campaigners in what used to be Tiger Stadium. Amazingly Biden managed to navigate himself through his remarks without any painfully obvious “foot-in-mouth” moments… Well, at least not anything worse than normal Democrat talking points; but those were probably intentional.

Standing among the ruins that were once a shining example of American prosperity, the Vice President championed the values of organized labor and liberal economic policies. (Ya know… Because it has worked out so well for the bankrupt city of Detroit.) He stuck to the tried and true theme of class warfare, and even managed to take a jab at all those devious corporations that are legally lowering their tax bills by taking advantage of a complex tax system. (Because I’m sure Joe pays every penny of 39.6 percent of his income to Uncle Sam, right?)

With the withered memory of Detroit’s grandeur conveniently ignored, Biden harped on the need to “take America back”… Which, by the way, kinda brings up the question: Who are we supposed to take America back from? I mean, you progressive geniuses are kinda the ones in charge, remember? Also, I can’t possibly be alone in thinking that there is a fairly obtuse irony of a pro-union-liberal touting pro-union talking points in a pro-union town (that went bankrupt because of pro-union policies), can I?

A couple of highlights from Biden’s unintentional recap of Detroit’s failed policy ideas are actually somewhat entertaining:

“Why in God’s name does someone who makes tens of millions managing a hedge fund pay only 15% in taxes, while the average GM worker who makes $55,000 a year pays 25% in taxes?”

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and is responsible for managing the organization’s messaging with the public, the media and NPRI’s membership.

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