Michael Schaus

Seriously. Things are beginning to look kinda pathetic for the Kerry/ Obama foreign policy doctrine. Just this week Russia violated an arms treaty by testing a new type of cruise missile; and Obama’s response was to send a letter to Vladimir Putin (not joking) explaining his disapproval. Future ramifications might include a new hashtag campaign, unfriending Putin on Facebook, or sending angry text messages late at night. And, really, given the West’s reaction to Putin’s acts of aggression in Ukraine, it only makes sense that the former KGB agent would feel emboldened to disrespect an obscure Reagan era treaty.

Vladimir wants to get the Soviet band back together. The West’s reaction, thus far, to a reunification of the Soviet Empire, has been largely lackadaisical. Oh, sure: We’ve issued some sanctions (limited) on high-profile Putin cronies, and apparently dispatched some nasty-grams; but we’ve largely feigned outrage to Russia’s armament of commercial-airline-targeting Ukrainian rebels. (Yeah, the downing of the commercial airliner was an accident… And the Russian-supplied rebels were so mournful over their mistake, they decided to soothe their grief by using the victim’s credit cards.)

The truth is that Europe, and Team Obama, are not interested in really applying pressure to Vlad and Company. And, why would they be interested? After all, the former Soviet Union is Europe’s primary supplier of fossil fuel; and even the good old US of A is pretty reluctant to tell the former KGB agent what we think of him. After all, we kinda depend on him to shoot our spy satellites into space.

Yeah, you read that right. While Putin is busy arming terrorist separatists in Ukraine, we’re busy paying him hundreds of millions of dollars a year to provide us with the technology required to remain relevant in the ‘great beyond.’

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and is responsible for managing the organization’s messaging with the public, the media and NPRI’s membership.

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