Michael Schaus

Besides, is shilling for a political party really the “grown-up” thing to do at a commencement ceremony? I mean, you’re really so desperate for a little bump in your approval numbers that you’re going to stand in front of a group of teenagers and try to bribe them with low-cost loans for college? And just imagine: Most of these kids probably think that bankers are the predatory lenders. Little do they realize that the US government is the one that will give them a loan (no questions asked) for tens of thousands of dollars without even considering whether or not repayment is possible. I mean, heck, at least bankers have a driving interest to make sure you’re signing a loan that won’t drown you financially. (It’s called the profit motive. Believe it or not, banks like it when people can pay back their loans.)

The Campaigner in Chief’s assertion that Republicans just “forgot where they came from” might have been the most insulting passage of his campaign commencement address. Remember when he said “you didn’t build that”? Yeah… This is an echo of that same theme. People who have worked their way through college, or diligently paid off their loans upon graduating, apparently don’t exist.

In the President’s mind, the reason the GOP deserve some chiding during an address to high school graduates, is because Republicans dare to believe that people can actually accomplish great things without the intervening hand of government.

Honestly, I feel bad for the students. (Yes… Even the ones that cheered him on.) They were hoping to hear the President of the United States speak to them about moving forward into another chapter of their young lives. Instead, they heard cartoonish arguments for the Democrat Party, from a petty political hack.

He should have just stood before the crowd and said “Vote Democrat… Because you can’t actually do anything on your own.”

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and is responsible for managing the organization’s messaging with the public, the media and NPRI’s membership.

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