Michael Schaus

Eric Holder (ya know: the guy that helped run “Operation Fast and Furious” which ran guns from the US to Mexican drug cartels) spoke before Congress on Friday about the importance of beefing up gun control. His big idea, apparently, was a high-tech gun tracking bracelet. Which almost seems like a good idea… Especially for the hundreds of weapons that the DOJ helped smuggle to the aforementioned drug cartels. I bet an extra step or two to keep our eye on those guns that “walked” across the border (with DOJ authorization) would have been a good idea.

Of course, Holder isn’t proposing such an idea for his gun running ambitions… He’s suggesting it for you and me. He’s suggesting that the government ramp-up their tracking of legal firearms – via Google-style technology – because America’s 100+ million lawful gun owners are obviously the problem here. (My kingdom for a sarcasm font.)

The entirety of Holder’s comments were a rambling illustration of his disdain for Second Amendment rights. Before engaging the congressman in a discussion about Silicon-Valley-sponsored infringements on the Second Amendment, the top Law Enforcement Official of the US made reference to last year’s failed “common sense” gun control proposals… Of course, “common sense” would usually indicate that there was a widespread sense (“common”, if you will) that such reforms were both necessary and effective.

I mean, heck, Ciudad Juárez in Mexico has stricter gun laws than Chicago… And yet, it is home to some of the most atrocious gang violence in our hemisphere. Oh, and Chicago? Well, since adopting a semblance of concealed carry, their murder rate has plummeted. (But I’m sure that’s coincidence.)

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and is responsible for managing the organization’s messaging with the public, the media and NPRI’s membership.

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