Michael Schaus

Yesterday was the deadline (kinda) for the Obamacare exchange. And while this Administration has decided to recognize deadlines with the same uncompromising dedication they show for the Constitution (please, please, please invent a sarcasm font), they still felt the need to “brag” about the millions that have signed up on the Obamacare website… After prolonged loading times (leave it to the government to bring the experience of the DMV into the 21st century), over 6 million individuals have signed up.

Math, as it turns out, continues to be the plague of Obamabots everywhere. While the Administration makes claims about a fraction of Amazon.com's customer base signing up, the big question still haunts White House Press conferences: How many uninsured were enrolled with Obamacare?

Well… It turns out Jay Carney doesn’t feel comfortable answering that question. And, with some rather simple arithmetic, it’s pretty obvious why the Administration feels uncomfortable addressing the bill’s key metric of “success”. Given the trending demographics of enrollees, and the industry projections for first time customers, the numbers don’t exactly look “good”. According to Breitbart:

Even conceding the White House its alleged six million enrollment figure (which, again, includes duplicates and incomplete applications), that would mean that just 810,000 of paying Obamacare customers were previously uninsured, a figure that represents 1.7% of America's 48.6 million uninsured people.

So, we have imposed a government takeover of healthcare, cancelled roughly 6.2 million insurance policies, and hiked premiums so that less than 2 percent of “America’s uninsured” could seek tax-payer subsidized health insurance? It almost seems like a well-placed ad, during Sesame Street, could have yielded similar results… With far fewer congressional hearings.

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and is responsible for managing the organization’s messaging with the public, the media and NPRI’s membership.

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