Michael Schaus

Sandra Fluke – the 30-something year old college student who made a name for herself by demanding that other people pay for her birth control, took to Twitter to condemn Hobby Lobby’s religious objection to Obamacare. Oral arguments were heard yesterday in Hobby Lobby’s case before the Supreme Court, where the Christian corporation is trying to make the case that the “contraception mandate” violates their religious beliefs. Fluke, and Obama’s government lawyers, insist that women who are being denied “free” birth control are having their natural rights violated. (I guess our founding fathers forgot about that gem when they drafted the first ten Amendments to the Constitution.)

Of course, Hobby Lobby’s religious objection to providing their employees with cost-free contraception is not violating anyone’s rights… After all, couldn’t the Sandra Fluke protégé who is working at Hobby Lobby simply take the 9 bucks from her paycheck, and mosey on down to Planned Parenthood? Isn’t that what PP is all about: Giving abortifacients and contraceptives to young women? A corporation refusing to provide its employees with certain elective prescription drugs is, by no means, equivocal to a violation of human rights.

Sandra’s cartoonish tweet wasn’t the only amateurish attempt among the Left to portray Hobby Lobby as an evil empire bent on imposing Sharia-style chauvinism on female workers. Protestors outside of the Supreme Court exercised their rights, outlined in the First Amendment, to accuse the company of bigotry. The blissfully hypocritical protestors seemed woefully unaware that Hobby Lobby employees are not forced, in any way, to subscribe to Christian beliefs regarding contraception… Female Hobby-Lobbiers (yeah… I made that word up) are free, in every way, to pursue their healthcare options outside of the company’s generous (albeit, religiously restricted) benefit plan.

It’s also amusing that if Hobby Lobby was to take a public stand against gay marriage, these same protestors would be demanding that the company “get out of people’s bedroom.” Doesn’t it then seem kinda strange that the Left should also demand corporations fund the bedroom activities of heterosexual couples? In fighting for expanded “reproductive benefits”, the Sandra Flukes of the world routinely remind us that we’re talking about their uterus… Well, fine. If it’s your uterus, then you should pay for keeping it baby-free.

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and is responsible for managing the organization’s messaging with the public, the media and NPRI’s membership.

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