Mark Skousen

Posted October 24, 2014

I met up with Krugman. He assured me that he tries not to let his political biases affect his economic analysis.

Posted October 18, 2014

This year, Forbes has a fascinating chart of inherited vs. self-made wealth. The chart shows that during a 30-year period, 1984-2014, more self-made billionaires are beating out the inherited billionaires.

Posted October 12, 2014

I have my issues with the airlines, but the days are long gone when you could arrive 45 minutes before an international flight.

Posted October 11, 2014

Why didnt anyone address the primary reason Hayek got the Nobel Prize, that is, Austrian macroeconomics and the Mises-Hayek theory of the business cycle?

Posted October 03, 2014

When the monthly data comes out on retail spending or consumer confidence, the media goes crazy talking about how consumer spending drives the economy, because it represents 70% of the gross domestic product (GDP).

Posted September 27, 2014

I have just confirmed the Dream Debate of the Century at my big show FreedomFest. On July 9, 2015, in the Celebrity Ballroom in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Paul Krugman has agreed to debate the Heritage Foundations chief economist Steve Moore.

Posted September 19, 2014

Whats the key to success? Simple. Use the three fundamental principles of Benjamin Franklin: industry, thrift and prudence.

Posted September 13, 2014

I spent the last week in Hong Kong at the Mont Pelerin Society meetings. While there, I visited the Bruce Lee exhibit that was held at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

Posted September 06, 2014

The greatest threat today is the welfare state, Meltzer said. Lowering taxes does not appeal to the average voter because they dont pay income taxes anymore.

Posted August 30, 2014

The Austrian school of economics was one of the few to warn of impending disaster coming from the real-estate bubble. But I have my doubts about Austrian school policy recommendations during a financial crisis.

Posted August 29, 2014

Financial literacy is important, but sadly, only a handful of states require students to take personal finance or an investment course.

Posted August 25, 2014

Wall Street knows that any big financial institution probably will be bailed out in the future, and such thinking will affect private sector decision making about risky investments.

Posted August 23, 2014

Most Austrian economists argue that the best response to the 2008 financial crisis was to do nothing. By refusing to bail out the banks, investment firms and insurance companies, the government would be sending a clear message that Wall Street and the private markets must avoid irresponsible decisions in the future.

Posted August 17, 2014

The libertarian movement will truly arrive whenT he New York Times does a serious article on the #1 libertarian think tank (Cato Institute), the #1 libertarian TV show (Stossel on Fox) and the #1 libertarian conference (FreedomFest).

Posted August 11, 2014

Sadly, the U.S. government is making enemies out of our friends.

Posted August 02, 2014

Stocks sold off sharply Thursday. Finally, the much anticipated correction is happening, but I don’t see any fundamental reason for the decline. It’s purely a technical correction.

Posted July 26, 2014

Certainly, under Obama, the stock market has done well. In fact, when Democrats have been in the Oval Office, Wall Street tends to do better.

Posted July 22, 2014

I saw a sign from the so-called Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that read “Eight Most Common Reasons for Security Delays.” It warned against putting liquids in carry-ons, failing to take off shoes, etc. They forgot to list the #1 reason for delays: the TSA itself.

Posted July 04, 2014

It’s a sad commentary when a major consumer corporation buys into his hippie-style philosophy and encourages people to live off of others and to adopt the welfare, no-workfare mentality.


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