Mark Skousen

Posted July 11, 2016

On February 4, 2016, my Investor CAF addressed the question, Is now the time to buy gold?

Posted July 05, 2016

We are an inch from total economic collapse. People are out of money. Obamacare and high taxes have destroyed all consumer spending and savings. Wayne Allyn Root, Murder of the Middle Class

Posted July 04, 2016

I recently was asked to comment on former Congressman Ron Pauls prediction that Brexit the British voting to leave the European Union (EU) is the last domino to bring about the collapse in the monetary system as we know it.

Posted June 27, 2016

Politics and economics are concerned with power and wealth, neither of which should be the primary, still less the exclusive, concern of full-grown men and women. Arthur C. Clarke, Science Fiction Writer

Posted June 21, 2016

International trade agreements benefit both nations always.

Posted June 20, 2016

The business of investing is not the same as investing in a business. Mark Skousen, The Maxims of Wall Street

Posted June 03, 2016

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed democratic socialist presidential candidate, is attracting big crowds and millions of votes by promising taxpayer-funded college education, universal healthcare and a minimum wage that will instantly end poverty.

Posted June 03, 2016

The question about the best ways to try to end poverty have brings up many possibilities but no real solutions.

Posted May 30, 2016

The Fed has been responsible for every recession in the past 100 years. Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winning economist

Posted May 20, 2016

Is Las Vegas (and Nevada) destroying itself as the entertainment capital of the world and as a tax haven?

Posted May 20, 2016

I recently appeared for the first time on Larry Kudlows nationwide radio program on ABC, and I talked about alternative measures to gross domestic product (GDP). I see the Economist also had a cover story entitled How to Measure Prosperity.

Posted May 18, 2016

In a highly competitive global economy, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. Its time we made college tuition free at public colleges and universities.

Posted May 11, 2016

The New York Times recently ran a cover story about how billionaire hedge fund manager David Tepper moved out of New Jersey after paying millions of dollars in state income taxes. After 20 years, he had witnessed the state gradually increase its state income tax from 2% to 6% to todays 9%. In fact, up until 1976, New Jersey had no state income tax.

Posted April 29, 2016

Is there any solution to poverty, or are we destined to witness a permanent welfare class in America?

Posted April 22, 2016

My gross output (GO) statistic for the fourth quarter was released April 21 by the federal government. Heres what it showed:

Posted April 15, 2016

Over the past 36 years, hundreds of investment newsletters have come and gone. It is a tough business, and I consider myself a survivor, having gone through boom and bust, bull and bear markets, revolutions and crises, and I still have been able to make money for my subscribers.

Posted April 08, 2016

Wall Street has struggled this week, but gold is moving higher.

Posted April 08, 2016

The big news in the financial press is what is being called The Panama Papers.

Posted April 04, 2016

There is good news for taxpayers and investors. Last December, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015, known as the PATH Act. It is one of the few times Congress has accurately described its legislation.

Posted April 04, 2016

Starting in 2007, the U.S. Mint was required to create a new series of $1 coins commemorating U.S. presidents.


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