Marita Noon

You’ve heard the cliché: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.” Within the past month, I’ve experienced both sides of that adage—in reverse.

On April 2, I was driving from Albuquerque to Farmington, NM, where I spoke for the San Juan Country Tea Party group. During the three-hour drive, I listened to talk radio. That was the time of the Cyprus bank crisis and the middle of budget discussions in DC. By the time I got to Farmington, I felt defeated and hopeless. “Sometimes you lose.” I wondered how I’d motivate and inspire the folks in Farmington. The speech worked. There was a lot of Q & A. It ended well.

On Thursday, April 18, I made virtually the same trip—ending in Durango, Colorado, where I spoke for the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute’s regional meeting. This time I had a totally different attitude. Just 2 days before, we’d had a big win. “Sometimes you win.” I could hardly wait to share the good news! Gratefully for me, not one of the guys at the regional meeting had heard the news—which was good. If they’d all heard it already, they didn’t need me (or I’d have had to come up with a new speech). It was great to be able to share the “win.”

Maybe you haven’t heard the good news. If you haven’t read my Margaret Thatcher piece—where I chronicle some of the history of the global warming/climate change agenda, please stop and read it now.

In short, I posit that Europe has embraced the ruse and pushed it on other western economies (read the USA), as it would change the energy playing field by removing America’s low-cost energy advantage. This, I believe, is why the European Union (EU) originally began espousing the narrative. They have been the leaders in so-called green energy. The EU is held up as the one to follow. It has actually implemented cap and trade—which Obama, with control of both houses, couldn’t get through.

Now, add on the victorious news.

Marita Noon

Marita Noon is Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great.

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