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With Mike Lee making the news, I had a chance on Monday to talk with him about his efforts to defund Obamacare. And yes I do occasionally scoop Limbaugh. Rather than offer you an op-ed extract, I thought I would let the Senator speak for himself. Below is part one of that interview.


BROWN: What happens when John Boehner won’t come down one way or the other on defunding Obamacare in the CR.? To those of us outside of the Beltway, this seems like a slam dunk and you have to wonder why the continued votes to repeal Obamacare but never the vote to actually defund it.


LEE: The interesting phenomenon that you see here is that this is a controversial move only within the Beltway. You get outside the Beltway, this law is not controversial, the effort is not controversial because this law is absolutely despised. Individuals don’t like it, doctors hate it, employers are saying it’s going to cause them all kinds of problems and will result in more layoffs. Even unions are saying that this is going to be terrible for workers. And last but not least, the author of this law, Senator Max Baucus from Montana has described this thing as a train wreck. So it’s clear that those things in addition to the fact that the President has said that the law is not ready to implement as its written make clear that we have an obligation to delay this law by defunding it.


BROWN: There is a headline today that raised my eyebrows; the IRS is largely going be responsible for enforcing this law, correct?


LEE: Yes.

Lincoln Brown

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