John Ransom

Posted August 31, 2014

The right loves mom and apple pie. The Chevy Volt is an example of how far from baseball, hot dogs and apple pie Americas best loved brand of cars has strayed.

Posted August 30, 2014

The Middle East isnt just a foreign policy problem; its another one of the man-caused disasters that has become the hallmark of the Obama administrations version of Moe, Larry and Curly.

Posted August 29, 2014

Obama's version of nation-building doesnt include elections, and purple stained fingers, but rather a benign neglect, a Darwinian respect for survival of the strongest. The only votes that count in this scenario are typically dipped in red, blood red.

Posted August 28, 2014

Only in progressive America would it take a new academic report to verify whats been plain to us, the anti-science conservatives, for years: Whatever economic plan Obama's following, and Democrats are rooting for, just isn't working. In fact, its making matters worse.

Posted August 27, 2014

Like most Democrats, Harry Reid knows nothing about money. So he had to earn it the old fashioned way, through graft.

Posted August 24, 2014

Prepare for an alternate reality to be let loose that will trumpet the health benefits of reducing carbon and healthcare costs too!-- for little kids, grandma and grandpa, tied up in a neat little bow called fighting the deficit.

Posted August 24, 2014

The only crime that I see in this case is that a liberal DA got busted for drunk driving and somehow still has a job and a paycheck. Typical liberal. And if THATS not political, I dont know what is.

Posted August 22, 2014

He thinks hes entitled to speak about Ferguson because hes a black man with a black mans experience in America. He believes in legitimatizing black mistrust of America instead of removing mistrust between the races

Posted August 21, 2014

Obama's election is inconceivable without first understanding the historic wrongs the country has foisted on a community that has never enjoyed the protection a family can give them.

Posted August 20, 2014

If anything in life is certain it is this: When Obama wages war on anything, including war, we ought to expect a mass casualty event at this point.

Posted August 18, 2014

In the contest to run America for the foreseeable future, the Democrats have so mismanaged and bungled their chance to make a case for themselves that their only choice is to criminalize the opposition.

Posted August 17, 2014

Self immolation is the last resort of those who have no other voice.

Posted August 17, 2014

What if we had a president who has some gonads and some sense of proportion?

Posted August 16, 2014

Brooke, like the rest of his generation, went to war singing about hope. And all he got for his trouble was change; change he would not have recognized, nor likely approved of, had he lived.

Posted August 15, 2014

The man who once race-baited by pretending that Trayvon Martin was his own son, now dead and gone, is definitely the father of this version of our country. The likeness and resemblance is too striking for him not to be.

Posted August 14, 2014

If Obama-- and Kerry and Curly—have something to offer in the Middle East besides an apocalypse now and more apocalypse later and even more apocalypse later still, they should cut the vaudeville routine.

Posted August 11, 2014

I’m going to be straight with you: If I were a black male in America I’d be a radical, I’d be angry, I’d be striking back.

Posted August 10, 2014

Only a true liberal would could come up with a plan to minimize the damage done to the economy by the expiration of $500 billion in tax cuts by raising taxes another $1.6 TRILLION, including $600 billion on ordinary, middle class Americans.

Posted August 10, 2014

Re-election returns aside, Obama is still much more mouth than magic.

Posted August 08, 2014

This White House might consist of the only humans in existence who have mastered the art of not even reading the words they write and read aloud-- if one can judge from intel talking points, laws they’ve written, treaties they negotiate, and speeches the teleprompter gives.