John Ransom

Last week I wrote about my sympathies with the black community, especially the black male community, that has been and remains under siege in an America. Both political parties seem destined to misunderstand the historic wrongs committed in the African American community - especially those wrongs done to the black male.

On the one hand, Democrats seem more intent on buying votes than in creating jobs for blacks or security for families. They stoke the hurts that have characterized white-black relations for 300 years at the expense of families. On the other hand, Republicans seem to have turned deaf, dumb and blonde to a community, were it not black, they’d be trolling for votes like crazy because of the obviously poor policy choices Democrats make.

Of course I made both sides mad, as I usually do on race relations, because I refuse to trim or pander. I would be a black radical if I were a black male. I would be a black radical conservative that is.

Jobs and opportunity are what most people want, including black males. And if the GOP and the Dems are too stupid to see it, perhaps we should dispense with both parties.

So: Both sides are stupid.

The Democrats are stupid for following policies that don’t help and Republicans are stupid for not making headway in a constituency that really lacks leadership.

Sharpton, Jackson and Obama?

Please. We are losing to THOSE guys.

How stupid can we be?

Pretty darn stupid, apparently; nationally stupid.

Our national stupidity is on full display in the Washington Post’s latest attempt to get behind a really bad idea as a substitute for policies that would actually help blacks.

Titled Michael Brown petition has 100,000 signatures; the White House must respond, the WaPost blog “In the Loop” says a petition created by activists proposes legislation that would require all police to wear cameras—called tentatively the “Mike Brown law.”

John Ransom

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