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Dateline Chicago: 12 hours of violence leaves 4 dead and 14 wounded across Chicago – Chicago Tribune

Dateline Ukraine: Ukrainian military helicopter shot down; 14 dead – CNN

Dateline Syria: Jihadists shoot dead 102-year-old man, his family in Syria—The

Dateline Libya: Fighting in Benghazi leaves 36 dead, Libyan officials say—CNN

Dateline Iraq: Attacks kill 16 in Iraq as May death toll tops 900—The Daily Star

Dateline Afghanistan: 12 Civilians going to a wedding killed in Afghanistan bombing—Fox News Latino

Dateline Pakistan: Taliban ambush on Pakistan border leaves 17 dead – Sydney Morning Herald

If it’s not quite fair to say that Obama’s legacy is death, it’s certainly fair to say that Obama is the extreme logical conclusion of policies that the Democrats have followed for years.

And “He came in peace,” isn’t just ironical now, it’s prophetical.

Because there is no peace, either at home or abroad, exactly as the Martian movies predicted there would be none, even especially when they said they came in peace.

Obama, as the epitome of the Left’s multiculturalism, anger, division and destruction, wages war here at home on wages and the workingman, while encouraging war overseas.

Both policies result in death, both figuratively and literally.

I fear that historians will look back at the Obama administration’s disfigurement of today’s labor force and point to this as the beginning of the end of the American workingman. And workingwoman too.

The incentives to hire workers are so few, the risks so high that more and more companies are figuring out how to replace workers with automation or do without them at all.

And in the place of working America, Obama is constructing an urban poverty state with the logical conclusion being places like Chicago and Detroit, with some areas in those cities being quite literally as uninhabitable as parts of Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq fighting a civil war.

And in failed city-states like Chicago the local newspapers count the death toll by day, and sometimes by the hour.

To pay for this perpetual poverty program which progressives call paradise, Obama has cut American commitments abroad, his critics say.

Poverty, it turns out, is a very expensive thing to maintain in the USA.

Yet overseas, American-sponsored wars seem to be spreading.

John Ransom

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