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David206 wrote: Again .. You get the facts wrong ! NOT ONE DROP OF KEY STONE is for the U.S.A. All the oil is spoken for by Asian countries ALL OF IT !!!!! I fact if the pipe line is built , we will see an INCREASE of Gasoline and Diesel of at least 40 cents. Why? I'd tell ya but go look it up yourself I did.--Another Oil Train Explodes in Town; River Contaminated: Who Wants Keystone Now?

Dear Comrade 206,

Again…you have your punctuation wrong!

Oh yes, another proponent of Common Core math.

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Question: If Johnny has 18 billion barrels of oil, and Mary adds 2 billion barrels of oil, how much can we tax the racist white men for their exploitation of ancient fossil burial grounds, black people and the transgendered?

Answer Key: At least $.40 more!

There is only one group of people standing in the way of this country, this economy and this people making progress. And that group is Progressives.

The facts are not on your side. This is the same math that has brought us a GDP print just short of contraction for the first quarter of 2014 at 0.1%. And since it subject to revision, there's a possibility that we may have had a contraction-- that is a recession, albeit short-lived so far-- in GDP when the statistical dust finally settles.

John Ransom

John Ransom’s writings on politics and finance have appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal, the Colorado Statesman, Pajamas Media and Registered Rep Magazine amongst others. Until 9/11, Ransom worked primarily in finance as an investment executive for NYSE member firm Raymond James and Associates, JW Charles and as a new business development executive at Mutual Service Corporation. He lives in San Diego. You can follow him on twitter @bamransom.

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