John Ransom

That's when the Democrat Social Justice Leaguers change into their formfitting leotards, take the crinkle out of their capes, and don their red platform boots.

And that's just what the male Justice Leaguers do.

As our contributor Shawn Mitchell put it on his Facebook wall as I was writing this: “My fellow Americans,” says the president springing into action, wearing, at least rhetorically, the big red boots, “I really can't defend my miserable record on jobs and stagnation. Let’s talk about something else. Did you know an economy with too many part time beauticians and full time engineers really skews the male/female income curve? It’s outrageous. Republicans hate women.”

And for this game I blame women themselves.

Really I do.

Women elected Barack Obama and then reelected him by the widest margin in history. Take credit gals.

If women really wanted to close the gender gap, the only number that counts going forward is how many of them vote for the next clown the Democrats nominate for anything.

Because, while the rest of us will be busy ignoring skin color and cup sizes in 2016, I have a feeling that for some women, that’s all they’ll be thinking of by then.

And that's the real gender gap in this country that we need to work on.

John Ransom

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