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Bobert wrote: Mitt Romney would be as bad as bush so we would have a tie for worst president ever. -There is No God but Barack Obama; and Chris Matthews is His Prophet

Dear Comrade Bobert,

I loved the album Bad as Bush. It’s in my vinyl collection along with Cheap Trick Live at Budokan, Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo and More of the Monkees. 

I think maybe you mean Bad-A$$ed Bush, perhaps?

Que es muy macho? Obama använder en drönarattack? Eller? Bush öppnar en burk whoop-arsle?

I like the Whoop-Arsle strategy best personally.

I think it worked better than Obama’s proxy-war idea, where he’s arming Al Qaida around the world. No one who counts is sweating Obama being commander-in-chief.

Bush was right: Osama bin Laden didn’t matter. He was a non-entity hiding in compound in Pakistan, doing nothing.

Obama’s foreign policy is non-existent: He lost us Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt- although because of the good sense of the Egyptians hopefully we’ll get that one back. And he’s trying his very best to lose us Syria.

Imagine this: Obama chose to back the one group of people who make Syrian dictator Assad look like an attractive alternative.

Obama’s foreign policy can be summed up in one phrase: Wrong Every Single Time.

Patrick wrote: Mitt Romney is the worst Presidential candidate ever! Mitt and his corporate raiding overseas accounts buddies! We need someone who cares about America instead of lining his pockets and protecting the tax status of the super rich. -There is No God but Barack Obama; and Chris Matthews is His Prophet

Dear Comrade Patrick,

Well he’s the second candidate to lose to Obama, so perhaps he’s tied for the worst candidate. But it’s a three-way tie.

It goes: 1a) McCain, 1b) Romney, 1c) Obama.

John Ransom

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